Beginnings #5: Bananas

She was always unsettled by the way he ate bananas.  They both ate lots of bananas, as the fruit was quite cheap on the narrow, potholed streets of the island, and was grown nearby by penniless natives.  She insisted they tip the vendors; he sometimes tried to cheat them just to see if he could.

She peeled her bananas delicately—the peel separated into several thin strips originating from what many would call the bottom of the fruit.  Bananas grow upwards though; the stem is actually the bottom, and she chose to peel from the true top and use the stem as handle, just as the lesser apes do.

Mark, on the other hand, was savage in his banana dismemberment.  He ate them before they were truly ripe; only with this slight greenness did the bananas give him the crisp SNAP! that he desired when he broke them neatly in half with his fleshy hands.  From each half, he squeezed out the firm fruit in one long piece and gobbled the whole segment in one bite.  He grinned moronically as he did this—he knew she hated his gross display of machismo.

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