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Beginnings #3: The Cabin

The cabin was a single, square room with three windows to a side. The bathroom was in one corner so that the rear and left walls seemed to have only two windows apiece, but the bathroom had two also and … Continue reading

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Beginnings #2

During September, hurricane season, the weather was usually fair. The days were warm and cloudless and the stars were unimpeded in their nightly travels. From one side of the horizon to the other, they inched their way across the inky … Continue reading

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Beginnings #1

I don’t remember when I started drinking a beer with lunch every day, but so far it’s been working; it loosens my fingers and the ink spills from my pen like pus from a freshly lanced boil, oozing and spreading … Continue reading

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For Starters…

In the interest of keeping my typing fingers limber and my blog skills honed, I’m going to try and post something here a few times each week. If I miss a few here or there, forgive me and assume I’ll … Continue reading

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Check out the portfolio and resumé pages for links to published work and info about my education and work experience. Thanks!

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