Beginnings #6: Roommates

He knew there was something a bit off about his new roommates when they roasted a full chicken, ate about half of it with asparagus and sweet potatoes, and then left the remainder of the carcass on the kitchen counter for three days before throwing it away. During that time, the cats gnawed it mostly clean. Further evidence came into play when they bought a new puppy to complement the other two yippy dogs and the house was littered with dog shit for the next two months. For some reason, the puppy’s favorite spot was just outside his bedroom door. It was hard to tell, but sometimes he was sure that there weren’t new turds, Lance just hadn’t cleaned up yesterday’s pile. Unfortunately, their conversations hadn’t progressed much beyond saying good evening. In the morning, he waited until Lance and Angie left for work so he wouldn’t have to talk to them. After their nightly fight, he didn’t think he could face them. So the shit piled up.

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